Watering Bag For Trees

Excellent for newly planted shade & street trees.

Zip heavy-duty bag around tree, fill with water, and let TreeCOVEr™ drip water to your tree for up to nine hours. Newly planted trees need a reliable source of water to flourish. Our Tree Irrigation Bag slowly releases water to the tree root system. With our Watering Bags For Trees you will save time and water. There is less runoff and waste.


  • Reduces plant shock.
  • Easy to use.
  • 100% water absorption.
  • Saves time watering trees.
  • Deep water saturation with every use
  • Provide continuous watering for newly
    planted trees
  • Fill as needed
  • Encourages deep root growth
  • Especially valuable for new plantings, soaking
    before digging or during summer droughts.


  • Filled with water- 30″high x 18″ wide (at base)
  • Single bag holds 15 gallons of water.
  • TreeCOVEr™ can be zipped together
    and used in pairs for larger trees. Two
    bags zipped together hold
    approximately 30 gallons.
  • Single bag fits 1″ to 4″ diameter tree.
    Two bags zipped together fit 8″
    diameter tree.
  • Made of heavy duty green polyethylene
    with nylon webbing poly straps and
    green nylon zippers.
  • Two water release points per bag.
  • Bag is empty in 5-8 hours.
  • UV stabilized to withstand exposure
    to sunlight.
  • Fill opening fits up to 3″ diameter hose.

Zip heavy-duty bag around tree, fill with water,

and let TreeCOVEr™ drip water to your tree for up to nine hours.

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