Choosing Superior Garden Staples

Garden Staples

Throughout the year, garden staples play an important role in proper maintenance of a yard, garden or municipal location is important. Time has shown that it is the small things that are essential in maintaining this image. Cove West USA is proud to produce precision developed sod and garden staples CA for landscapers, stores and municipalities in California and throughout the nation.

Garden Staples California

Garden Staples Fullerton CA

Since 1960, we have been known throughout the industry for our selection of the finest materials needed to produce the latest in staple design and production. The first step is making sure the wire we select for manufacturing will produce a high quality staple that is not only long lasting but fills all the requirements of our product. The next step is our highly developed design program and manufacturing techniques, using the latest in special machine design.

Standard Garden Staples

We manufacture our standard garden staples California in 6” to 12” with gages available in 11ga to 8ga stock. Circle Tops are 6” to 8” – 11ga to 8ga. However, we are happy to manufacture any size and any gauge that our customers want. We ship most orders within 24 hours of ordering.

Erosion Control

Erosion Control pins and washers are also available in sizes 6”, 8”, 12”, 18” and 24” with stock diameter wire 3/26” with a 1-1/2 washer. These materials are ordered in custom sizes or stocked standard sizes.

In comparison with standard home improvement stores, we offer full 6” length and 11ga steel staples, while their offerings are 4” long 14ga staples. While their staples are not designed to be long lasting, and often bend out of shape, you can expect our carbon steel construction product to last for years.

Our garden staples are produced in the USA in comparison to cheap, imported models. We, at Cove West USA,  take pride in our product using a steel construction that will bond with the soil. While many staples on the market consist of galvanized steel, plastic or stainless steel and do not have our special feature which is to “grow” with the soil by rusting into place.

Holding Power Staples

When our staples “grow” into the soil, they greatly increase their holding properties. Whether sales are being made to landscapers, home gardeners, commercial gardeners, municipalities or others, we assure that they will last for many years. These staples are especially designed to maximize holding power. They are not decorative.

These commercially designed garden staples Fullerton CA are used for everything from plastic plant covers to underground sprinkler hoses. This makes them especially effective in large municipal projects such as parks, landscaping and playgrounds.

Cove West USA takes personal pride in all the products we produce. As a result, we offer high quality commercial products that are long lasting and reasonably priced. Take a look at our website or give us a call at 714.525.2930 and we will be happy to discuss how we can meet your needs.