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EDM Services

EDM Services

Electrical discharge machining, EDM for short, more commonly referred to as spark eroding, die sinking, spark machining, or wire burning, is a metal fabrication process where a desired outline is obtained by electrical discharges produced by copper wire. Cove West utilizes a Sodick wire EDM machine to produce a majority of our tooling and can assist you in completing your wire EDM project. Our wire EDM machine plays a pivotal role in our tooling production.

Wire EDM machining uses a thin, CNC-controlled electrode wire to cut out toolpaths, intricate shapes, and tight-tolerance patterns. As sparks form between the wire and the material, the two never directly come into contact, meaning the cutting path encounters little to no distinction while running. This advanced technology enables us to work with steel at multiple stages of its life and use, most notably after heat treatment.

Advantages of Wire EDM:

  • Minimal, if any, burrs are created
  • A workpiece can be handled in its annealed state or post heat treatment
  • Machining and cutting workpieces post heat treatment allows for more reliable dimensional accuracy
  • Improved surface finishes
  • Intricate, complex, and delicate workpieces can be easily created
  • Incredibly tight tolerances can be met
  • High-precision fitment is consistently achieved

Wire EDM machining capabilities make it a staple when producing tooling for various industries and applications such as: robotics, cutting tools, additive manufacturing, machine parts, extrusion dies, punch and dies, and so much more!

Wire EDM Materials:

Our wire EDM cutting capabilities include a variety of materials, including, but not limited to the following: tool steels, hardened steels, high-speed steels, carbon steels, aluminum, brass, and copper.

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