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EDM Shop

EDM Shop

Welcome to Cove West’s EDM Shop, your go-to place for Electric Discharge Machining services. Here, we specialize in making precise and accurate parts for different industries.

We’re known for creating custom parts that perfectly meet your project’s needs. Whether it’s for aerospace, medical devices, or cars, our team has the skills to do it right. We use the latest EDM technology which lets us work with various materials and make complex shapes.

Our team is made up of experienced professionals who know all about EDM. They work hard to make sure that every project is done with the highest level of precision.

Quality is a big deal for us at Cove West. We always keep an eye on our work to make sure everything is top-notch. This focus on quality makes us a trusted name in precision machining.

At Cove West’s EDM Shop, we turn your designs into real, precise parts. Our mix of modern technology, skilled people, and focus on quality makes us stand out in the EDM world.

If you need precision machining, come visit us or get in touch. We’re here to help with your next project.